Our Mission is to provide children and young athletes of all ages, talent levels and economic situations an opportunity to improve their athletic abilities, build confidence, learn teamwork and enhance communication in a fun and entertaining environment.

Alex Austin, A-Train’s Vice-President, and the organization’s Director brings more than 15-years professional and collegiate athletic experience to the youth that he teaches. His experience includes coaching and directing camps for many notable Universities, head coaches and professional athletes. Although his program initially focused on basketball camps, it has since evolved to include teams and training athletes. The A-Train program now includes over 300 kids, ranging in age from 6-18 years and varying in different skill development.

We have an excellent program and a wonderful group of volunteer coaches and parents dedicated to providing a positive learning environment for developing basketball fundamentals, as well as life skills. Our goal is to give guidance and strengthen youth through sports activities, education and community service. A-Train players amassed over 10,000 hours of giving back to their community during the 2011 season, and each child in the program is required to maintain a respectable GPA , with a goal of maintaining a 3.5 program wide GPA. We also educate the kids on proper nutrition, the danger of drugs, respecting parents and being a good citizen.

Alex has a great deal of respect and knowledge for the game, which he hopes to pass along to each young athlete with which he works; helping them strive to reach their potential both in the game of basketball and in their lives. In addition to his A-Train for Youth program, Alex’s A-Train Magic travel teams compete in the top tournaments around the country, placing young athletes in front of college scouts and coaches, giving them an opportunity for college placement. We work closely with these athletes, educating them on NCAA rules and requirements, collegiate eligibility requirements and preparing them for the rigors of college athletics. Many of our college athletes return home to donate their time to coach at our summer camps.

Alex Austin makes it his personal mission to ensure that every child who participates in his program is personally recognized and acknowledged. He has developed a system that not only teaches and improves a child’s skill in the sport of basketball, but has also learned how to reach them on an individual level to reinforce the values necessary to succeed in life.
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